RS+ Unresponsive

I am getting a very similar problem as this post (Reach RS+ unresponsive! Help!) and would like to know what the outcome was. I purchased my RS+ almost 1 year ago and haven’t had a chance to hardly use it. I thought I would power it up and start using it but, after a quick orange blink of the battery LED, no response. I am currently charging the unit but there are no lights at all on the LEDs. I’m a bit concerned that the EMLID warranty may have expired as I purchased the unit 8 Aug 2018. Can anyone help? Is this a common occurrence with EMLID units (i.e. can they not sit idle for too long)?

That close you’d better email Emlid support asap with your serial number etc.

I would assume they will help you out.

Hi @daniel.chapman,

As @timd1971 suggested above, I’d like to ask you to contact us on with the following info:

  • Reach RS+ Serial Number (it’s printed at the bottom of RS+ under the bar code)
  • order date and number
  • shipping address



Hi, I am having the same issues not been used for a few months and now just getting a flashing light and not charging. I’ll send and email with details required as above.

Hi Jamie,

Please contact us on as well :slightly_smiling_face: