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Hi! there, I am experiencing a challenge. I hope you can help me somehow.
I am trying to stake 4 points out. Simple as it is. However, when I get to the site, my Rs+ doesn’t get Fix status. My educated guess tells me that It doesn’t get fixed status because there are power lines close by. Knowing this, how would you approach this situation? is configuration related? or definitely L1 is not enough for this job? thanks for your help

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Hi, whats the baseline? do you have another RS+ you can use?
Some might turn to a totalstation. But it all depends. I have had success working under powerlines but you need to be carefull and have the method right.

The way it worked for me was short baseline, controll the staked points with at least 1 hour between for verification.
If not, I turn to RS2.
If that doenst work, i set points outside the powerline area and manually laser or tape measure with staked points as refrence. Its a pain but gets the job done.
Closed loop is your friend ones your first manual point is set. Work your way through all four points and back through all refrence points.


Hi, thanks for your help.

I was using Emlid caster at that time and my baseline was right about 17+ km. I verified the satellite reception of the base and rover. The graphic on the rover was all over the place, bars going up and down turning orange to green and vice-versa.

It happened twice on different days. The first time I blamed it on a cloud, however as soon as it cleared up a bit, I got fix status for less than a minute. And suddenly the connection between my base and rover ended. I returned to my base upon returning home to check what happened, and my base was turned off, I believe the base shut itself down. It was hot that day.

I returned to the site earlier in the morning the next day, and the sky was super clear. The temperature was cool. Ran my rover and it happened the same thing. Bars up and down changing colours. I didn’t get fix again. This time I waited less time than the first time because my survey status went from float to single again. I was starting to blame the 24.8 firmware update. I returned to my town, however, I didn’t turn my rover off. I was checking periodically until I regained “float” connection with my base.

I decided to stop on a friend’s property and test the rover reception again. I didn’t have to wait long, maybe 1 minute and I got fix status. I measure some points and my margin of error was an average of 0.010 m

The first time my base shut down, and the second time I blame it on my cellular reception.

I will try insisting on what you mentioned. If I am still unable to succeed I will pass on this project. I just wish I had an RS2 combo now lol.

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Hi Sergio!

I believe the main issue here is the long baseline. As I can see, yours is 17 km.

A stable fix in RTK is possible on baselines up to 10 km for a single-band Reach RS+. You can place the base closer to the survey area as @TB_RTK suggested. It should help.

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