RS+ Thermal Shutdown

When i brought my two RS+ i faced several times of thermal shutdown of my one unit. today i am facing same problems. My rover unit is continuously shutting down while base is on. Out side air temperature is same. So i am attaching full system report for your kind review and please give me solution.


Hi Zahirul,

I’m afraid your system report didn’t fully upload to the post. As it contains a lot of sensitive information, please, share it with us on It will help us to check the internal temperature of a working device and determine the reason of the shutdowns you’ve experienced.

Dear Polina Please sent.


I’m afraid I can’t see your FSR on our email. Could you please try sending it again? You can also PM me with it.

Hi Islam,

Thank you!

We will look into the logs and I’ll come back with the summary.

P.S.: I’ve deleted your post once I’ve downloaded the System Report it may contain sensitive information.


Would you mind clarifying the average ambient temperature when the units were used? Could you remember, was your rover exposed to the direct sunlight during the survey?

That info will help me to understand the working environment of your RS+ units and see what might be the reason for such behavior.

Dear fomenko
Temp was around 30 or 31 degree. Feeling temp 35 or 36 degree Celsius. The day was cloudy… It some times rains sometimes cloudy some times sun shining.

The rover was moving and collect logs of some places… But the base I tested was logged in 42 c outside air temp in direct sun but did not shutdown… Problem is only rover unit… Once it shut down temp was 28!!

Hi Islam,

I’ve written to you in PM. Could you please check my message there? At this stage, we need to perform some troubleshooting steps which are easier to handle in the private chat.

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