RS+ Stuck in Time Sync - Won't Reflash

I have a unit that seems to be stuck in Time Sync. Usually I’m able to Reflash my units to upgrade the firmware to the latest option.

This unit, when I try to reflash does not get recognized and continues to be in a Time Sync mode.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hi Zach,

Is it possible to access the updater page on the device? If yes, please check if you can update the device.

Depending on the firmware version, it rather can be <Reach's IP-address>:5000 or <Reach's IP-address>/updater_panel

Hi Tatiana,

Unfortunately I cannot access the internal network for this unit which as well limits my ability to access the updater page. Unless there’s another way I’m not aware of…

Hi Zach,

As I get this, your Reach is broadcasting the Wi-Fi. Are there any issues with connecting to this network? You should be able to open the Updater page by one of the following addresses: or

When you connect Reach RS+ to your computer by holding the power button, it doesn’t go to the firmware update mode. Am I right?

Hi Liudmila,

The reach isn’t broadcasting any Wi-Fi in this case as it’s not appearing in any list making me unable to access the updater page either.

And this is correct, I’ve tried multiple usb ports & cables to make sure but the Flash program doesn’t recognize the device in any manner.


Thanks for specifying this!

Can you share the serial number of your device via We’ll think about what we can do here, but we need some sensitive info from you. So, it’s better to proceed with our troubleshooting there.

Hi Liudmila,

Yes, I’ll send that info right away.



Thanks! I’ve received your email.