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I was wondering if the RS+ could be used as a standalone receiver with no internet or NTRIP connection? How accurate will it be? I was in a very remote area the other day and could never get less than several meters of accuracy. Really don’t need cm accuracy for this project. After I got home I thought that maybe the fact that I had my NTRIP credentials listed in my profile, it was waiting to connect to NTRIP but I knew that I had no internet and it would never connect to NRIP. It was only showing a single connection and never displayed a float or fixed position.

Without corrections it will be out by several meters. Your unit acted as expected.

Single = Position without correction, or waiting for corrections.
Float = Receiving corrections but still resolving ambiguities.
Fix = Receiving Corrections, ambiguities solved, cm precision.

Take a quick read through the tutorial section of the RS+ manual, It explains the relationship between the base, corrections and the rover.

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Thanks for the info. At this time I’m using the RS+ for GCPs only. I’m flying the M300 using the RTK2 as my base and they are not connected to each other. I really thought this unit had better accuracy than several meters even when not connected to wifi. Without an internet connection, it sounds like it has the accuracy of a cellphone. Again thanks for your information.

Without receiving NTRIP corrections, you can use a second RS+ unit as base locally to give corrections and get cm accuracy. RTK requires two devices that is how the accuracy increase is achieved. Internet is not required, but the corrections are.

Alternatively measurements can be taken and post processed to get rtk accuracy using software, this process is called PPK.

That is the nature of GNSS in an uncorrected fashion. There are thing that can lower this, like SBAS, but as Emlid products are designed for RTK (that provides much better positioning than augmented systems like sbas), this is not implemented.

As mentioned above, you can buy a second RS+ and correction the position yourself.

Well, the phones are cheating, I’d say, as they are indeed receiving varying degrees of correctional data, and using other types of data to increase accuracy.

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Looks like I’ll need to research a cellphone repeater to get more range in those hard-to-reach areas. Some great info and I do appreciate the advice. Thanks all!

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As @PotatoFarmer and Christian said, you’ll need a second Reach if the rover can’t connect to a remote NTRIP base. I just want to conclude on the RTK and PPK options:

  • Reach can transmit and receive base corrections via the built-in LoRa radio. It doesn’t require an Internet connection. So, you can use it for RTK in remote areas.

  • You can collect GCPs without connecting base and rover in real-time. For that, process a CSV file with points and raw data from the units in Emlid Studio. I’d suggest checking our Stop&Go guide that explains the process.

Here’s one more tip for both RTK and PPK. If you need absolute accuracy, you’ll need to place the base on a known point. If a precise orthophoto or 3D model shouldn’t be necessarily tied to global coordinates, you can go with the base averaged with a Single solution.

Thank you very much for your information. After my initial post, I have changed my cell service provider and now I get a much better connection in the area I was having trouble in BUT I still have a few new questions. I have noticed that even when I’m in a known area where my Emild has worked perfectly many times before, now I’m finding it difficult to get a fixed location. Even when displaying 2-3 cm accuracy. When I’m at home using my home internet it still takes a long time, maybe 15 to 30 minutes to finally get a fixed location. Before the last Reach View 3 updates, it seemed like my connection was working perfectly at home and would only take 3-5 minutes. I was thinking about performing a factory reset on the RS+ OR deleting and reinstalling the app to see if it helps. Does anyone have a suggestion? Could there be a setting that I could check? Thanks again everyone for your help.

How is your baseline, when you have trouble fixing?
The max for a single frequency recover like the RS+ is around 10 km, ideal conditions, under real life use, probably 5-6 km.

NTRIP point connection is 8.5km away and I have a great connection with blue skies. Like I said before the only thing that has changed since I started using the RS+ two months ago are the app updates. I’ve only updated the firmware one time and there are no updates for it now. Thanks, I’ll keep digging.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I did a factory reset and everything looks like it is working again. Emlid took about 5 min to get a fixed location with sub-cm accuracy. Been on many different forums and this one is by far the best I have every seen. Thanks to everyone for their reply’s.

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