RS+ solution mostly FLOAT or SINGLE

Hi, I am also having similar issues. I am using Emlid Reach RS+, with a stationary base and mobile rover. While testing at outside my office’s parking lot, I had clear skies and was able to get the Fixed status. However, it took around 10 minutes to go from Float to Single.

During a field visit, the status of the rover was at a constant Float. Out of the points I collected, only three points had Fixed status. Every other point was Float or Single.

I had followed the steps on the Emlid youtube channel, and my issues seem similar to what OP had posted. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T350 if that matters.

Hi Thomas,

The issues with establishing a fixed solution can be initiated by several factors and they can be different for the RS+ (single-band) and RS2 (multi-band) receivers, so it’s better to troubleshoot the cases separately.

Do you have photos of the environment on the field? By any chance, have you recorded the observation data log so I could check it?


Thank you for reaching out. I was out on vacation recently, sorry for the delay.

I am trying to attach what I believe to be the log files, but unfortunately it looks like new users are unable to upload files to the discussion board.

Would it be possible to speak directly to a Emlid representative? I wish to go out and survey in a few days, and would love it we can work together to solve this issue.


Hi Thomas,

Oh, sure. You can send the logs to us via

Hmm, we don’t have field support. But you can contact our dealers in your region. Probably, they can give a hand with field tests.

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