RS+ shuts down suddenly on v2.22

does anyone have more information on what is happening here? i have just moved to 2.22 and i have had both of my RS+ receivers do this. the base was sending out corrections and then it just went down. i set it back up and then about 30 minutes later the rover went down. i cant imagine it was over heating as its 70F degrees where i was testing.


May I ask you to send me the Full System report from the device in PM? I’m afraid it’s hard to say anything certain until we check the system logs., It is the same problem that occurred when I updated my two devices to v2.22.0, it was very annoying and inoperable to work with those unexpected shutdown, my immediate solution was to return to v2.20.8 that does not give those problems, but I did not generate Full System report to find a solution. @tatiana.andreeva, I am very interested to find the solution.

here are the reports for my two (2.0 KB)

i was just testing it in the back yard and it went down again. it was up for about 30min. here is the system report after i rebooted it and the raw log from the time it was up. this reciver was updated to 2.22 useing the over the air method (1.4 MB) (1.1 KB)

so where do i get 2.20.8? i need a reciever that doesnt randomly turn its self off

The firmware v2.20.8 image is not available on the Emlid site. Provide the full system report to find a solution, it is very important that they find the problem generated by this v2.22.0, another user reports a similar problem with the RS2 of unexpected shutdowns.

it better be available, i have a scheduled job on wednessday.
i cant get much done if the base station shuts down every thirty minutes.
i am happy to help debug but its really their job not mine.

I just updated 2 of my 5 Reach RS+ units and 1 of them randomly turned off having been on for several minutes.

yeah so far it has happen only once per day, but over 30 minuntes into running each time. both of mine have been running in my backyard for a couple of hours and havnt died again but that is exactly what it was like on friday

Hi, @kylelanman,

Could you send me the Full System reports from the devices in PM?

Also, we’ve just pushed the v2.22.1 stable update containing a fix for the issue causing sudden shutdowns on some RS+ units. May I ask you to check if it improves the behavior of your Reach RS+ devices?

i thought that was the full report??? how do i get the full report?

i will test the update today and see if there is any shutdowns.

Thank you for getting on this and finding (hopefully) the fix. It is this kind of responsiveness that has me ordering a set of RS2 receivers this fiscal year even though i wasn’t feeling the need to do so yet.


You need to choose the “Full report” option before generating the report in the System report drop-down list:

Please keep us posted :slightly_smiling_face: (801.9 KB)

here is the report from the receiver i use as a base
this receiver did the auto shutdown yesterday
i have not updated it yet so it is still 2.22.0

i will update both of mine and test them today


Thanks! I’ve forwarded it to our devs.

Please let me know your test results.

so i updated both receivers to 2.22.1 and tested them a bit in my back yard with no resulting issues. then i had to do a all day job that is just PPK. all day away from the base, no radio connection to tell if it was on or not, kind of a nail biter.

i left the base logging a raw file and worked about a mile down in a heavy wooded canyon. i was very worried i would come back to a sleeping base station but no it stayed up all day long. so i am going to call this issue fixed. thanks for the fast turn around on fixing this.



Great to hear it helped! :slightly_smiling_face:

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