RS+ Sampling rate

Hello, I am new in the community and trying to set up the Reach RS+ for my purposes. I will install it in a remote area and have continuous recording to be used to generate PPK solutions and apply corrections to the data of a co-located total station.

I have seen that the min sampling rate is 1Hz, however, this would generate large files to be transferred via GSM network. I have seen different posts asking for the option to reduce the sampling rate, but it seems that this feature is planned but not yet available.

Is there any work around that you could suggest? Thanks

Hi Andrea,

Have you already learned our guide on how to log data for PPK?

In the Raw data settings, you can find the Logging interval option. If you need to reduce the log size, choose a 30 s interval as shown on the screenshot. It means that data will be recorded once every 30 seconds.