RS+/ RS2+ and GETAC 336/236 with Survce6 & FG 11G

Hi everyone

Has anyone out there ever used a Getac 236 or 336 field controller that has field genius or carlson survce with their RS+ or RS2 receiver ?

I saw one at ebay and am considering purchasing for use with my reach hardware.

Please assist. Thanking you in advance

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I have a GETAC PS236 with FG, and works nicely with RS2+ at least.
However, I really like more modern choices by now. A good, weather-sealed 8-9 inch tablet with FG for Android is a muuuch better experience.


Hi Petros,

Reach RS+ and RS2 can stream their correction data over Bluetooth in NMEA format. If these types of field controllers can receive data in this way, it should work well. You can check our guide to see how can you set up our receiver to work with FieldGenius.
If you prefer SurvCE, you can connect Reach as a generic NMEA device to work with it.


Hi wizprod
Thanks for the advice. I want something that I can use even when there are light showers without difficulty.

Hi Zoltan
I think this answers my question. I have tested FG demo. I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks.


I use a Tripltek 8 Pro, no problem with light showers. There is a 9 model out as well.
Both models are IP68 rated.


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