RS+ Rover LoRa Corrections

Was wondering if anyone could help answer a question I have concerning the RS+ Base and Rover LoRa radio connection. I have my Base and Rover set up where the Rover indicates it is connected. However, if I use the “Survey Project” option, are the collected points within cm-level relative accuracy to the base if I collect the Rover survey points using the auto Fixed or Float solution?

What makes me question the LoRa corrections are not being applied, is because the Rover is also recording a RTCM3 file, which is a base correction file. If my hunch is correct, then is there any way to apply the RTCM3 correction file to the survey point csv file, or must I PPK the Rover RINEX file? If that is the case has anyone found a quick way to parse out the survey points from the RINEX file?


Hi Dave,

If the rover gets Float or Fix, it means that the base corrections are applied in RTK. So, to get accurate points in a CSV file, you don’t need to post-process data.

Fix and Float solutions correspond to these levels of accuracy:

  • Fix - centimeter-level accuracy

  • Float - submeter-level accuracy

Hi Kseniia,

Thanks for explaining that, it really helps out. So if I understand this, then if my Base is not receiving real-time RTK corrections, the but I receive a Fix or Float solution from the Rover in the Survey menu option, then those points recorded in the *.csv survey file are cm/submeter accuracy relative to the base. Thus, if I post process the Base to a nearby CORS station, then I must also apply those corrections to the Rover points. In other words, I if the Base is shifted due to post processing, then the Rover points need to be shifted by the same amount. Is that correct?

Thanks so much!

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That is correct.

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Hi Dave,

Agree with Christian. To shift the points’ coordinates in this case, you may use Excel or the Translate feature in GIS.

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Thanks so much for the confirmation. Other research I’ve done has also confirmed this.


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