RS+ reach and New Holland T7

I have recently bought a New Holland tractor, but has no receiver, it says it accepts rs 232 connection, there is a plug on the back of the tractor display that is RS232,
so 2 questions, would this receiver work , I can provide it with Ntrip correction signal

and, what lead would I require ? RS232 to USB ?

Hi @nkinse,

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Reach RS+ can output its position in NMEA format, which is acceptable by most systems. If the tractor’s controller supports NMEA, RS+ should work fine with it.

As I see, this display has a DB9 connector. So, you can connect your RS+ to this display via the Reach RS+/RS2 cable 2m with DB9 FEMALE connector.

It will not work, your display requires a genuine Trimble GPS, like a 372.

The Trimble uses rs232 as the comm standard, but the communication protocol is TSIP.

If you have a RTK unlocked 372, you can use an RS2/M2 as base.

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