RS+ or M+ as base for RS2

I know the RS2 and to come M2 are supposed to get their RTK corrections from another dual frequency base station. However, the RTKLIB AR parameters seem to be setup exclusively to get their corrections from another RS2 or a dual frequency base and can only fix to my M+ base after perhaps hours of fiddling around and finally getting to the right spot by accident.

Would be helpful if there was an option on the RTK parameters to give a RS2 the directive to behave like a RS+ in its own AR fixing process if connected to a single frequency base station. Would take time to get a fix but, for any fixed installation like setting it up as a base for local roving, it could be nice to, at least, behave like another single frequency like the RS+. Currently it does not even fix at all.

… unless it is impossible, but I doubt!



It should work like a charm, but of course with the added fix-time. I have tried it before.

Can you share your raw-logs ?

Hi Christian,

Logs for post-process? It works well that way, the problem I have is with real time fix.

Hi Andre,

RS2 indeed requires multi-band corrections to work reliably in RTK mode.

Unfortunately, this is harder to implement than it sounds.

What’s the scenario for such a setup?

Hi Dmitriy,

Here is an example scenario I can think about. A M+ or RS+ reference station at your office provides RTK corrections over the Internet. 20km away, you setup a RS2 base that may take 15 min to get a fix from this quite far base station but it can also record data for a few hours as well, that will provide a good fix in post-process for later use. We all know people prefer the assurance of knowing they have a fix in real time. When you get the fix at your base RS2, you start it as a base itself from its RTK fixed position and you don’t mind if it takes a few minutes because you do it just once and leave it there for a while while surveying. You then use your other RS2 as a surveying rover, getting quick fix in real time and better under canopy performance because you fiddle around at a very close base-rover distance and radio link. If you would have used one of your RS2s as an office base 20km away, all your survey points would have had to get a fix from it, at a long distance, and may have taken longer fix delays and possible under canopy issues.

In summary, longer RTK fix times may be acceptable to provide a fixed coordinate to a temporary base that stays on its tripod for a while. A M+ or RS+ could be used for that purpose if a RS2 in the field, used as a remote base station, could get a RTK fix from them.

I don’t see such a situation as too exceptional but I may be wrong, so other forum participants input is welcomed.

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Thanks for your input, Andre.

Even though I’d recommend using RS2 as a reference station from the very beginning, I understand the scenario that you described is possible. We’ll consider enabling this if we see an opportunity in the future.

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