RS + on Lora radio

I have a question for people working on the Reach RS + receiver on the Lora radio, does working on the Lora radio improve fix maintenance in difficult tree conditions?

Compared to not using network link and thus not any correction, then yes. However Lora is just the carrier of corrections, just like a mobile or WiFi connection could be.
It is the corrections the link carries and the multi frequency nature of the RS2 that makes it more resilient to loosing fix under foliage.

Thank you for your response.
So if I enter the coordinates of the base manually and resign from corrections from reference stations, it will be better? And what will be the measurement accuracy.

Only better if the coordinates you enter manually are better.
But I am guessing you are asking about the difference in precision from an NTRIP station and owning your own base?

The basic guides Emlid has made is great stuff. Have you looked through these?


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