RS+ loses fix every 5 minutes

Hi I have reach Rs+ base and Rover . I Never had to work over 1 km or more on city or open sky . I try with other units and has the same problem.
Also have another problem I have to wait 30 seconds on my data collector to update the coordinates. (Survce 6) but I use the reach view . 3 days ago update my devises and I don’t know the fix fail every 5 min. Can you help me?? I from Baja ,Mexico.

I have never been able to make them work more than 1 km

Hi David,

To help us determine the issue, I’d ask to share the following files from both the base and the rover:

  • the raw data log, the base correction log and the position log from the rover
  • the raw data log from the base

These log will allow us to check the data quality, see what solution status was during the survey and check if all of the data from the base is correctly received on the rover.

Would you mind specifying how you establish the RTK link between the receivers? Do you use LoRa radio?

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Of course. Always Lora.
I’ll send u the files and settings.

Hi. Add the folder with screen shots of my settings and the files of emlid I hope you can help me. I have a video what the matter the emlid on field.

You might want to lift the access restrictions on the shared files, so more of the community can chime in and help you.

Let me check , thanks

Try with this.

Hi David,

From the screenshots you’ve shared, I can see that your base is on the v2.22.3 firmware version and your rover is on v2.23.4 firmware version.

We’re released the v2.22.4 firmware version that contains important fixes and improvements on RTK performance and should fix the issues with RTK solution you had. In the dev branch, these fixes are released in the v2.23.5 version.

Please update your units to the latest stable version. To return from the dev version to the stable, it’s required to reflash the unit as described in our Firmware reflashing guide.

Please keep us informed on whether the new update helps to improve the results in RTK.

thes is another quetion, if I update in the same hours made update the two units, why are diferents_

Already ref lashing to v.2.22.4 rover and base , but is so wrong. Never get fix I used the same settings.

Hi David,

This might happen because you enabled the dev updates on one of the units. So it updated to the latest dev version instead of the stable one.

I’m afraid it’s not possible to say anything for sure without checking out the logs. Could you please upload the logs from your test on v2.22.4? Please, share the following:

  • the raw data log, the base correction log and the position log from the rover
  • the raw data log from the base

This way, I’ll be able to analyze them and check what could be the reason for the lack of fix solution during your survey.

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