RS+ Longevity

I’m keen on the RS+ x 2 for GCPs and PPK with drone work.
I’ve been told that the satellite system that is used for the RS+ will be turned off / degraded in a few years and that I should be going for the RS2 for a long term investment.
Is there any truth to this whatsoever?

Maybe there was a miscommunication because the RS2 uses the same satellites but it also Supports L2 and L5. While I agree that the RS2 is a better choice it’s highly unlikely that GPS L1 is going to go anywhere in our lifetimes. The RS+ and M+ are great for the drone but ground surveying can be challenging if the conditions aren’t right. The RS2/M2 are much more robust.

I’m assuming you won’t be needing to do rtk on the drone so you could still use an M+ for that but get an RS2 for your rover/base.


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No worries! There is no GNSS to shut down any time soon. All systems are constantly growing and improving.

Reach RS+ is using the same GNSS as Reach RS2. These systems are GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, IRNSS, and QZSS.

The main difference between Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 is that the first one is a single-band receiver, while the second is a multi-band. You can check the guide in our docs to learn more about their difference.


They are always on the fence about WAAS continuing but they seem to always extend it its time.

But that does not even matter, with 2 emlids you are making your own correction service.

The +’s work well if you a patient for a fix, and mostly have open sky.

The 2’s just perform fast and well under almost any condition. I am not sure how much GNSS can improve from here.

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Totally worthless for rover survey work near / under tree canopy, buildings, urban areas.

Would be nice to see a FIX comparison of the RS2 and the Hemisphere S631.

I thought the fix was the initial base fix took a while? Do you mean if I wanted to do a GCP with the rover that I would have to wait longer than 10seconds? How long?


The RS2 was fixing no problem in this tree cover. Base was 38km away. So I think that is pretty good performance.

I think if you got out and used yours more you could have some fun with it.

I routinely use an m2 for machine control, only looses fix for a split second in these trees with only gps, and glonass enabled. Taking corrections off a non emlid base.

So again RS2/M2 is a performer. Not sure why your so mad about price and performance. Deere would charge $14500 + 1200 a year for the same level of performance.


Sorry just a reflex from reading all your previous price complaint posts.

But at least you can see what the 2’s can do now. I also find the m2’s helical holds a fix better in challenging conditions on tractors. Though a patch antenna seems less jumpy than the helical in open sky conditions.


…and Topcon and Trimble and Leica…

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