RS + Led lights blue and greed blinking

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Hi there,

Ive had a RS+ plus in storage for a couple of months, have just took it out to try to update firmware but my unit will not show up on my wifi list or on reach view app; so i cannot connect at all to my reach rs +. Looking for some assistance please.

Hi Aaron,

Welcome to our community!

I’d say your Reach is inaccessible because it didn’t pass the time sync. There are 2 ways to pass it - connecting the unit to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access or giving it a clear sky view. So, I’d suggest:

After the unit passes the time sync, the green LED should become solid.

Also, please ensure the receiver and your phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi. If these suggestions don’t help, let me know, and we’ll dig into it!

Hi Aaron,

How is your Reach RS+? Does the green LED blink if you place the unit in an open area?

Hi there guys,

Managed to fix using the firmware flash tool, it is now working normally thank you.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for keeping me in the loop! Glad to hear your Reach works well now.

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