Rs+ for sale

Hi there
Im looking for a pair of emlid reach rs+ to buy I’m located in Belgium any one from Europe have a pair to sale

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Hi @bencheikhbaker,

We don’t produce RS+ anymore, but you can check RS2+/RS3 in our store. RS2+/RS3 is a multi-band device and can obtain a Fix solution in more challenging conditions. We have a blog post describing the differences. You can read about it here. You can also check our European dealers here.

UPD. Changed my answer to include some additional information.

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Dual frequency receivers are best @bencheikhbaker . For a little more $ you’ll have better equipment. I initially bought the M2’s (two) for static and Lora use. They are good receivers for the money but you’ll have to buy a good antenna such as Harxon (don’t purchase helical antennas) and also a battery pack and a Lora radio if doing local RTN radio. The cost for this is still below the RS2+. However if funds are are available the RS2+/RS3 is still a good buy at their cost.

Good luck and have fun !


I’ve seen these available, hope this helps

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