RS+for sale :reachrs: 🇨🇦

Hello everyone I have this unit to sell and want to upgrade to a RS2 . Located in Canada. Edit the + unit is unused

Why not use the trade-in provided by the Canadian dealer?


The dealer thinks we should try to sell locally first


Update at top

Price. $1000 Canadian for the + unit .

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Looks like the market is not that big for these here yet:laughing::hushed::reachrs::emlid::canada:

as of a few weeks ago, they were the absolute best things… and STILL are…even with the RS2 release… these would make great backups in case of theft, broke etc.


Yeah, I guess a lot of people here are already owners, and a lot of the people seeking units may not have looked into the forum yet.

The previous sale happened on the forum, but the buyer’s initial discovery happened over on Reddit. So cross-posting to other sites may help as well.


Hi, new member and user here, located in South Africa. I’m interested in the Emlid RS (non +) unit. I’m too new to PM you, so maybe if you could initiate the conversation via PM (possibly with email address included) it would work?

Emlid RS (non +) unit sold to me.


The RS unit is sold as noted above.

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