RS+ external power-off


I’m integrating the RS+ into a larger hardware system, and am supplying power via the 9-pin external connector.

While the unit powers on just fine when external power is applied - it does not appear to shut down when the external power is removed.

How do I get the RS+ to turn itself off? Preferably by just removing power via the external power source?

To turn off Reach RS+, you must push the physical power button or use the power button within ReachView settings. You can also use websocket according to this topic:

The functionality you are asking for is that of Reach M+. Because it has no battery, it just turns on and off with the power.

RS+ is different. I think the theory there can be compared to certain computers. With a standard PC, if you unplug the power and then plug it back in, the computer stays off. With other PCs and a lot of servers, if you unplug the power and then plug it back it, the computer turns itself back on.

With the RS+ is it like having a server and a UPS in one. When you plug in the UPS, the power comes on and the server comes on. When you unplug the UPS, the power stays on and the server stays on until the battery dies.

This is giving you the ‘highest availability’ which for most applications is a good thing.

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I’d prefer it did work like a UPS: I can configure those! i.e. When external (mains) power goes down, the UPS can send a message to the computer to indicate it should finish what it is doing and shut itself down as cleanly as possible.

This is the behaviour I would like. Otherwise my users have to deal with two power systems (the RS+, and mine). For ease of use, it’s much better if they only need to know about a single power on/off.

how true!

While I believe that behaviour is techincally possible, I think you would have to request that Emlid incorporate it in a future version of ReachView.

I’m sure you could write a script to do this and run it on the Reach RS+, but then you’d also need a way to reinstall it (or check to make sure it still works) after every software upgrade.

Could you just not worry about it and let the receiver discharge? If external power is applied then it comes back on.

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Hey there,

Thanks for the request!
We have such a feature in our to-do list.


Thanks! - do you have an estimate of when that feature would be available?

I don’t think there are time estimates for the to-do list. The best thing to do is watch the news category here and especially the development releases because it will appear there first.

Hi @steve.scheding,

As @bide said, I barely can provide you with any ETAs.

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