RS External Power connection AND USB connection

I have a question about power to the RS / RS+. I have a permanent power setup using the external LEMO connector on the bottom of the Reach, however I’d like to use the USB connection as a means of non-wireless communication to the system. Is it ok to connect both the USB and the LEMO at the same time? Or is this a no-no, kind of like not connecting both USB and the JST-GH power ports at the same time on a Reach M+?


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This is not authoritative info, but from what I remember about investigating the charging chip is that it has two separate input channels. So it can handle one or both. I’m not sure which one it prefers to draw from though.

Also, if using both charging inputs were a problem, then it would have cropped up long before now. :slight_smile:

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Hi @dbrandt,

You can use both USB and RS-232 ports simultaneously without any issues. In that case, Reach gets power from RS-232.


Ok great! Thanks for the help!

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