RS+ correction output over serial


We are trying to get the corrections output of a RS+ over serial.
The final objective is to send the corrections over a pair of SiK Telemetry Radio to a InertialSense unit.
We do not seem to get any data, and even trying over usb cable to a pc.

We did try both Ubuntu and Win, on Win we did solve the problem of the RS+ not showing up as COM or the reach actually having a fix (as seen in 2 posts in the forums).
I could received the position output normally with valid data, but not the corrections.

Any further help would be greatly appreaciated.

Hi @debbe91,

Welcome to the forum!

  • How do you check that there are no corrections streaming? Please elaborate on your setup. It will help me in the investigation.
  • Do you choose Serial in the Emlid Flow settings? Do you set the same baud rate for another device?

Please check that you’re using the latest (31.8) firmware version on the RS+.