Rs+ correction input issue

Dear emlid team,

I have been using emlid reach RS+ Connected either to VRS or iMAX CORS.

the challenge i have now is that via NTRIP CORRECTION INPUT it is not connecting to VRS or Imax instead it is giving this message’‘connected to HTTP/1.0401 Unauthorised’'.

I am requesting you to help me know why it not connecting to iMAX or VRS



I think you have to start with your NTRIP provider to make sure that your plan is still valid, and ask why the server return the 401-error.

Hi Vivens,

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I’d agree with Christian. Would it be possible to check up with your caster? This error usually indicates issues with the subscription.

Thanks Polina,
i have discovered the cause of the error,
it was username and password error on local geonet.
Thanks all for your cooperation


Thanks for the update! Good to know it was possible to find out the cause of the issue! :slight_smile: