RS+ Charging Issues

I have two Emlid RS+ units that appear to not be charging correctly. When I charge through the microUSB, I get the blinking charge light that indicates it is charging. However, battery has not charged after about 72 hours. I get no response when I try to start the unit without being plugged in. When it is plugged in, the blue and green lights briefly illuminate, in addition to the charing light, but quickly go out. The unit is approximately four years old, has low total run hours, but was shelved for quite a few months. My guess is the batteries have malfunctioned and need replacing, but I just want to make sure there isn’t some other method to try first. I do not have the 5V DC adapter, by the way.

Hi Bryan,

Please email us the serial numbers of the units that can’t be charged now. The photos of the front panels would be helpful, too. Further actions may require sharing sensitive info, that’s why it’s better to do it in private.

I’m not sure if you received my direct messages, but the serial number is 8243EF4DCA9AEF811827. Here are two images of the unit. Thanks you.

I just wanted to conclude here that we are in touch with Bryan over the private messages. If you ever come across the same issue, please contact us at or create a new thread on the forum. We’ll find a solution for you!