Rs+ bricked it self on update

Brand new units out of the box, this is my first experience with the RS+ I purchased 2 to give me a base and a rover.

first unit booted fine, demanded a firmware update. did not matter what I did, it would show as updating finish and then cycle off on the reboot. then it would recover on a restart and demand the upgrade all over again. endless cycle so I gave up and tried the firmware flash utility. that got the first unit to current firmware.

Second unit booted fine, demanded a firmware update. went though its normal cycle of asking for wifi, I gave it and it downloaded the current firmware. it cycled and I expected it to act like the first unit and REJECT the update. but thats not what it did. It went dead. all lights off. and NOTHING would get it to recover.

Now it gets weird… the RS+ shows up in my IOS utility as an M+ device. and it has an IP on my internal network. So I log into it via a web browser and it shows as an M+ device even though its a RS+ device and then about 5-7 minutes later the unit goes totally non responsive.

I now have a 800 dollar paper weight.

Enclosed is a screen shot I took from the Reach IOS utility to show I am not crazy.

Since I am down a unit the other unit is essentially useless to me. Some one from support please advise.

Try to reflash it again with the flash tool.

Unit will not boot into FLASH mode. ITS BRICKED as far as I can tell .

Do not flash it again as an M+, but will the flash tool recognize it as an M+?

To be clear, I never flashed it as an M+. infact it never was flashed only my first RS+ needed flashing to get current.

This unit did a update from my iphone, it booted onto my network as an M+. NOT ONE TIME DID IT GET NEAR THE FLASH TOOL.

I was able to even log into it via Chrome for about 6-10 minutes on my computer as it did show up on my wifi. then it just simply stopped responding and its BRICKED since then.

Hopefully emlid has a recover button hidden somewhere,

I found nothing in the docs. Emlid may have another method we do not know about.

Found this in a similar post.
Please email us on We will need serial numbers of the units and your shipping address.

Looks like its best to go right to the source.

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Hi @AngryMonkey,

Welcome to the community forum!

I suggest you switch our conversation to email since further troubleshooting requires sensitive information.

Please send an email to It’ll be great if you’ll answer the following questions:

  • I see from your screenshot that you have two devices in the ReachView 3 app. Am I correct that the device marked as a Reach M+ can’t be accessed?

  • Can you send the serial number of the faulty unit? you can find it under the barcode at the bottom of the unit

  • What is the LED status of the unit? The photo or video of the front panel of the turned-on unit would be of a great help

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