RS+ Base station accuracy


We are pretty much a beginner so maybe my question is completely wrong.

We are doing corridor mapping to map the gas pipeline here in Thailand. We do this using RS+ (base station) and M+ (rover) in our UAV and do Post Processing Kinematics.

Currently we let the base station do 10 minutes average single and then start the mission. That gives us an accuracy of the base station of about 1.5 meters I guess.

If I want to increase the accuracy of the base station, we have to find a reference point and input the position manually or let it average longer. Only with reference point it will be possible to get a real absolute accuracy in centimeters.

My question is this: Can I use an NTRIP service to let the base station get a more accurate position and use that to determine the (exact) position of the base station?

That would mean we have to use a smartphone in hotspot mode and let RS+ use that to connect to the service of course.

Is this possible?

Yep, that’s the way to do it.

Great, thanks. I’m smarter than I thought, hahaha.

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Hi @verloop.ton,

Check our Working with NTRIP service guide, it describes the workflow.

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For NTRIP please try Thailand VRS system by DOL free for 6 month below link for register

Yes, that’s exactly the network we also found and are going to use. We already registered last Friday and received ip, port, username and password. So all is OK.

Very thanks for your advise, much appreciated.

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