RS+ Base not Averaging Coordinates

Many of my customers are having issues with the Reach RS+ again. Last month, it was an issue with the app not saving settings and not sending corrections.

This month, the rovers are not receiving corrections again, however I believe its because the base is not averaging coordinates to establish its position. Sometimes after multiple restarts, or toggling the “Average Single” settings, it will work - but its creating a lot of headache and wasted time.

All firmware is up to date (not beta version). Is there something we’re missing here? Something else that may create the issue?

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Can you verify this by looking in the rovers Base position in the resulting CSV file maybe?

Hi @flyinmada,

Can you share the screencast of the issue? Do your customers have the latest version of ReachView 3 as well?

Also, regarding previous issues with corrections, do they still persist? Or on the latest firmware settings can be saved normally?

One customer - they need to do the following to get it to work.
- toggle the average single setting on the base to force it to average its position
- change the frequency on once of the units and then change it back to have it start sending or receiving corrections.

These are very similar to the previous issues with the older version of the Reachview app. Those issues temporarily went away after the new version of the app was released but seem to have returned in a similar manner.

Their Reachview 3 app is fully up to date.

Working with the other customers to see how to resolve their problems but will report back with that soon.

Hi @flyinmada,

Can you contact us at I’d like to investigate everything you described cause it shouldn’t work like that. But I believe it would be better to talk about each customer separately and it’s easier to do via email.

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Was this ever resolved? I toggled the average single setting on the base and got it work once, then not again after that.

Hi @chris21403,

Can you record the screencast with the issue? And also please share the Full system report. It may contain sensitive info, so it’s better to send it to

We weren’t able to reproduce this on our office devices. I assume there are some specific settings causing this behavior. That’s why we need data from your device to troubleshoot it.

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