RS Base isn't storing inputted coordinates in Rinex header

I just got a pair of RS units donated to the botanical garden where I work and have been using them for RTK. I’m amazed at how well the LoRa works with minimal fiddling, and even works well through forest conditions! Only rarely does it lose connection and that’s OK because we can do PPK.

But there’s one annoyance I’ve encountered so far. I set the position through the web interface on wifi and the base seems to accept the coordinates. But when I load the Rinex or UBX for postprocessing, the header has coordinates other than what I entered. I assume they are coordinates that the base calculated for itself. So every time I do PPK I have to manually enter the latitude, longitude, and height above ellipsoid.

Is there any way to force the base to store the coordinates I enter? Or is there any way to set Emlid Studio to use those coordinates as a default?

Hi Day,

Thank you for your kind words!

Coordinates from the header are the last averaged epoch coordinates and have relative accuracy. For post-processing, the correct base coordinates must be entered manually. Or, if the points were taken in RTK, they can be taken from the CSV file.

UPD: Changed my answer to accurately represent information.

Thanks, I guess the easiest way is to use the OBS file from when I PPK corrected the base station position, just drag and drop it into Studio.

But I’m not sure users know that the coordinates populated in Emlid Studio aren’t the ones they entered for the base station in Emlid Flow. If they only do RTK I guess it doesn’t matter, but if they post process afterward then it will matter

Thank you for the suggestion Day, I’ve passed it to our development team.

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