RS+ base fell with wind and now doesn´t connect HELP

In high Patagonian wind and even having secured the tripod with rocks etc, our RS+ base fell. After the knock, the three lights are intermittent and in sequence, no wifi signal so as to connect from smartphone, and neither is it recognised by laptop software when trying to connect.

We have tried fixes mentioned here such as disconnect the battery (did not work), or resetting the firmware from our laptop (but as stated before, the laptop does not recognize the base so as to connect).

What can the issue be? Any alternative solutions/fixes?

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Hi @adussa,

Please send close-up photos of your RS+ and its serial number to You can find the serial number on the bottom side of the device under the barcode. I’ll check what we can do here.

A small note in case someone else will face a similar issue in the future: please, don’t open the unit before getting in touch with us. The unit’s behavior can become unpredictable after you open it. So, it can be hard enough to troubleshoot any possible issues.