RS+ as Base with RS2 Rover

It is possible use a RS2 Rover with a RS+ as base?


That’s what I hear.

It should be… But i would not expect the full performance of the RS2 until you have a dual frequency base.


You Can, yes. But of course you don’t get the benefit of the multifrq, which is one of the things making this a really nice system.
However, the antenna on the RS2 is really good, so if you have some tight spots, the RS2 will perform very nice!


The RS2 as a rover would be the preferred setup. We routinely use our older receivers as base stations and delegate the newer ones as rovers. They perform much better. It’s a waste of time to put the RS to as a base with anything other than an RS2 as a rover.


While you absolutely have a point, there is a scenario where I would use the RS2. That is when baselines gets to be more than 10 km from NTRIP/CORS. The benefit of L2/L5 is more apparent here than with short baseline and good skyview using L1 only.


Absolutely, and I think this is where our use cases differ greatly. I do not use services so I am running solely on the base. The part that makes my surveying a little different is that I am always sitting up on a known coordinate repeatedly that is manually entered.


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