RS+ and Trimble TDC600 connection over Emlid Caster

I don’t even know if this is the right place for this. Apologies if I shouldn’t be here.

I have an Emlid RS+ and a Trimble TDC600. I am trying to set the Emlid as the base on my rooftop deck. I am also trying to use Emlid caster so I can use the base corrections while working in the field with the TDC600.

Seems simple enough. I have the Lefebure Ntrip Client running on the TDC600. I have the proper info entered into the NTRIP Settings screen as provided by my caster account. I am a little unsure about the proper input on the Receiver Settings screen.

When I run the Ntrip client, I see “connected to caster” and a loading data bar appears near top of screen. It grinds away for a minute and then says “Receiver TCP connection timed out” and “Receiver TCP connection dropped.” Then it tries again over and over until I disconnect.

I have used my two RS+ units (base and rover) with the LoRan connection properly and with success. I also used my two RS+ units over the caster service with success.

However, when I just try to use the RS+ Base unit and the TDC600 over the caster service it fails.

Sorry if this is obvious or rudimentary. I feel like I have gone through tutorials and youtube videos etc. I just can’t find anything on this.

I am hoping I am just forgetting one stupid thing, switch, option or number and then it will work.

Thanks for any info.

Bill G

Hi Bill,

Great that you didn’t hesitate to ask! This forum is a place where our users with different backgrounds can exchange experiences. So, even if some questions appear to be out of our support competency, there’s always a chance someone else will help you out.

Since your Reach RS+ rover can get corrections via Emlid NTRIP Caster, the issue seems to be on the Lefebure side. I haven’t used Lefebure to connect to the Caster before, but I tried it out to understand what happened better. It worked well. Here are my actions step-by-step:

  • Connect the Reach base to the Emlid NTRIP Caster. It should appear Online.
  • In Lefebure, go to NTRIP Settings. Set the NTRIP Network Protocol and enter all the credentials from the My rovers section
  • Tap Connect. You should see 1 connected rover on the Caster page.

Hope it’ll give you a hint on how to make your setup work :slight_smile:

Lol, the Trimble is even running a ublox M8T, mind blown :exploding_head: Ublox Rocks!!!

But its a Trimble so they probably added some unneeded hoops to jump through.

Have you tried activating the legacy 1008 message most trimbles need to work? But you may need a M2/RS2 to do that.

Trimbles are still mostly stuck on legacy 3.0 corrections.

Hi Bill,

Oh, I see what can be wrong. As stated in the datasheet @PotatoFarmer shared, TDC600 can receive corrections from SBAS for improved positioning accuracy. At the same time, looks like it doesn’t support RTK corrections, which Reach sends via the Emlid Caster.

Check this thread. What I understand from the conversation over there is that most probably, everything is proprietary, requires a paid subscription, and does not work with third party solutions. So I guess you might have an expensive Trimble branded paper weight until you pay for Trimble Catalyst.

Hi Kseniia and All,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to address all the mentioned points here.

  1. I have been able to connect to the Emlid caster with the TDC600. I can see my dashboard and it shows I am connected. I just don’t seem to get the corrections…or something.

  2. I don’t know about legacy messages.

  3. The TDC600 receives SBAS on it’s own. I can receive RTK corrections via the Trimble R1 external receiver unit. It works and I have connected and used the unit that way.

  4. I am able to use the TDC600 with my RS+ rover and it works. I have connected via the LoRan antennas and the Emlid caster service. So there may be something related to proprietary software but the other approaches seem to work for using the Emlid with the TDC600.

I imagine this will be properly navigated sometime in the future by someone with a lot more knowledge than me. It seems like a logical linking of hardware that would be very useful.

Thanks again and I’ll keep watching this thread.


Bill G

So, I have been poking around the unit for a while now and (as mentioned earlier) it looks like there are likely some proprietary issues and/ or the unit cannot receive corrections. I was incorrect when I said it receives corrections from the R1. It connects to the R1 which is an RTK receiver…very different.

Oh well, the TDC600 connected to the Emlid, utilizing the caster service is still pretty slick. It’s one less piece of equipment to transport to work sites and the precision/ accuracy is very good.



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