Rs+ and Rs2 connection

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I would like to know if the RS+ can work as a base for the RS2 when working in RTK or should it be the other way around?


Hi Luis,

This is quite a popular question on the forum :mechanical_arm: A brief summary of our answers is below.

Reach RS+ is a single-band receiver. Reach RS2 is a multi-band receiver. So, RS2 needs more signals for position calculation than RS+ can provide. This means that RS2 will not have enough data to work with if RS+ is a base. So no, we don’t recommend using our receivers like that.

You can use RS2 as a base for RS+, though. In such setup, you’re not getting the advantages of the multi-band system. It’s the same thing: RS+ works with L1 frequencies only. So it can only have the characteristics of a single-band receiver.

By the way, you can check out the differences between single-band and multi-band receives in our guide. It’s pretty useful to understand the main points.


Thanks for the reply. I do understand the topic, I´m just interested in the functionalities of the Emlid RTK system. I must add that using both RS2 receivers work super well.


That they do!

Well, here on the forum we have a few examples where our users managed such connection, but it’s still not something we can suggest. There are no guarantees that such setup will work okay for you.

So yeah, sticking to the ol’ good multi-band duo is the best thing :wink:

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