RS-232 cable and setup

Good morning. I just bough the RS-232 cable to connect the rover into a soil scanner I have.
I need to know how to receive through rs-232 gga sentences on 1hz? Would someone be able to advise how to do the software setup for this?
I’m needing to do continuous data collection while driving the vehicle to be able to create digital elevation map later. I would like to avoid doing post processing. I have my rover as the base and the rover in the vehicle so I should have the correction right away
Thanks for the help

I’ll duplicate my email answer here so users can use it if they encounter the same issue.

You should configure the device the following way:

After that, you should be able to provide your sensor with the data.

To avoid post-processing, use the Position file from the Logging tab.
You can find more info in our docs.

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