RPi4 with HDMI bridge


I have two RPi4B with 4GB and 8GB RAM with navio2 and in both cases raspivid failed due to CSI bridge driver.


  • Raspberry Pi4B 4GB and 8GB boards
  • Navio2 board
  • Auvidea HDMI to CSI-2 bridge B101 (38126 - I assume rev.1) based on Toshiba tc358743 chip

OS image installed: Linux navio2 4.19.127-emlid-v7l+ #2 SMP PREEMPT Mon Aug 24 20:03:44 MSK 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux

Error message: “The driver for the TC358743 HDMI to CSI-2 chip you are using is NOT supported.”

The questions I have:

  1. I see that /boot/overlays contains both tc358743-audio.dtbo and tc358743.dtbo. Did anyone at Emlid tested tc358743 driver provided in the build?
  2. Have any one managed to make B101 bridge work on RPI4?
  3. Despite all forums stating that driver is closed source code, I see that it is included in linux kernel.
    Is it possible to rebuild navio2 rpi kernel based on latest kernel version 5.10.10 with all needed drivers?
  4. Is there anything proprietary drivers/code included in Emlid linux kernel which would prevent me from building it?


Hi Alexey,

We’ve never tested that, but there should be no issues. What exact command did you run? Have you tried to add -cs 0 flag to the raspivid command?

Some of our users indeed built custom images for Navio2, but it is not possible to troubleshoot any issues after that. Also, I won’t be able to guide you through such an upgrade. Let’s try to figure out what’s happening with the driver in the Raspbian version we provide.

Hi again,

Honestly I don’t know what was wrong in my previous setup, maybe some configuration changes or additional packages installed…

I did retest everything on clean images on RPi3, RPi4 4GB and 8GB using various OS:

  • RPI desktop kernel 5.4.83-v7l+, image RPi OS 32 bit, 2021-01-11
  • Ubuntu 20.10 desktop, kernel 5.8.0-1013
  • emlid-raspbian-20200922.img.xz.

I could confirm, it works in all cases…
For the record, I used the following command to test video:
raspivid -cs 0 -t 30000 -w 1280 -h 720 -fps 60 -b 4000000 -p 0,0,640,480 -o pivideo.h264

It also works if I stream video over to another pc.


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Hi Alexey,

Thanks for sharing the solution!


Did you also make Navio2 work with

  • RPI desktop kernel 5.4.83-v7l+, image RPi OS 32 bit, 2021-01-11

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