RPi4 B can’t connect to Navio2


I am using Navio2 and raspberry pi4 model B. I am using the version “emlid-raspbian-20200922.img.xz” and I flashed it on SDHC 32GB card. I flashed it two times one with balenaEtcher and one with Rufus and it is showing same results for both.
Navio2 and raspberry pi are well connected and screwed according to the documentation.
I have also telemetry radio which is connected to my Windows and it success all the time to connect to Mission planer and it is showing good results regarding GPS and IMUs.

  • sudo emlidtool ardupilot : still saying “Seems like you booted without Navio properly screwed”.
  • cat /sys/kernel/rcio/status/alive: 1
  • sudo emlidtool rcio check OR emlidtool rcio check: Board does not support RCIO
  • sudo emlidtool rcio update: Board does not support RCIO
  • sudo emlidtool rcio update -f

**After rebooting and doing again the same thing will produce exactly the same thing. So no improvements.

  • Trying C++ examples:

  • Executed all tests, (as sudo if required):

    • AccelGyroMag : Output looks reasonable
    • ADC : “Failed to write reg: Remote I/O error”
    • AHRS : Output looks reasonable
    • Barometer : Output looks reasonable
    • GPS : looks reasonable.
    • *LED : Remote I/O error (and LED is not changing the color)
    • RCInput : Shows zeros all the time regardless playing with the RC transmitter or not.
    • Servo : Remote I/O error
      Maybe worthwile noticing: The I/O error messages changes between:
      Failed to write device(-1): Remote I/O error and Failed to write reg: Remote I/O error .
  • Python examples (after installing the requirements):

    • AccelGyroMag : Output looks reasonable for both sensors
    • Barometer : Output looks reasonable
    • LED : Output looks reasonable, LED lights accordingly
    • Servo : Showing nothing (like an open loop)
    • ADC : Output looks reasonable
    • GPS : Output looks reasonable
    • RCInput : Shows zeros all the time regardless playing with the RC transmitter or not.

It is so similar problem to: RPi3 B can't connect to Navio2 - #6 by Fabian

Hope someone can help with the that.

Hi Mazen,

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Please post the close-up photos of your Navio2 connected to the Raspberry Pi board. I want to double-check that it’s screwed properly.

Also, do you have an SD card of 16 Gb at your disposal? In some cases, using another SD card helped to resolve a similar issue.

Thanks for the answer! I have tested with raspberry PI3 and it is showing same thing. I tested with different SD cards (32GB, 64GB) also and it is showing same results.


Thanks for sharing the photos!

Please check that your Navio2 isn’t screwed too tight. You may loosen a contact a bit.

After this, please disconnect everything from your Navio2 and power it from USB. Then, check whether the board is recognized in the software.

Keep me posted.

Checked that too . It seems to be fine. Have already tested with giving it power via power module (Navio) and via the raspberry pi USB and it is showing same thing. Tested also taking out all the sensors. Have tested all the pins(from pi to Navio) with the multimeter and they seems to be connected.

Best Regards

Here are some screenshoots that may be helpful.
“sudo vcdbg log msg” with the default config.txt which are shown below

“sudo vcdbg log msg” with the dtdebug=1 in /boot/config.txt which are shown below:

“sudo i2cdetect -y 1”

Hi Mazen,

Thanks for the tests!

Did Navio2 start to behave this way from the very beginning?

Also, do you have another pin header to test with Navio2 and Raspberry Pi? It might be possible that the header is faulty, so it doesn’t provide a proper connection.

Yes, it was so from the beginning. I get it on the 22 of July and tested it to make it work until I gave up on 24 of July when I posted here. I also tested with different iso images (old images 201911,201902) and it is showing the same thing. As I mentioned before I tested pin by pin the connection with the multimeter so it is not supposed to be the problem (I do not have an extra header to test).

Hi Mazen,

I’ve messaged you in the ticket you sent us. Let’s continue our correspondence there as we need to get some sensitive info from you.

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