Rover's solution output intervall

Rover’s solutions are propagated via tcp-client every 30 seconds. There is no GUI element which tells to be responsible for the timing of the solution.

30 seconds ist too long for usefull data-processing. Where can I change this intervall?

@Jla the solution output rate should be the same as the rate set for observations (e.g. GPS_GLONASS_5Hz should give you 5Hz solution). How did you measure it?

We measured it with an Python script acting as TCP server. That should be the reason for that behave because with RTKLib’s own TCPserver implementation there is no such intervall. Seems to be some TCP default timeout or some of that values which RTKLib reads in from their config files - deeper into RTKLib’s code I did not dive yet.


30 seconds looks like default reconnect time in RTKLIB. Please check that your code works correctly and does not break connection on every iteration.