Rover tilted will impact GPS accuracy

Hi, I am building a Robocar with Emlid Reach M+ on it as rover and a Emlid Reach RS+ as base. I found if my car was tilted and caused the M+ and antenna also tilted, then the GPS location reported by M+ will not be accuracy. Is this expected?

Yes, 2 things happen:

  • basic trigonometry. You need some kind of lever action correction, taking the tilt angles and compass heading into account.
  • when antenna is tilted away from horizontal, the receiver will start to see reflections of signals coming from the ground, multipathing. This further introduces uncertainty, if it doesn’t cause loss of fix all together.

Yes, but the degree of tilt you are talking about on an RC car is very minimal unless you have allot of suspension travel and are going very fast. Also, because the car/antenna is so much closer to the ground you are probably going to see less than a 0.10ft error.

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