Rover RTK light not on

I was just using my emlids out in the field, everything was working fine. The rover then went into float and would not get back to fix so I moved the base to a closer position, in the open air. Now when I turn on the rover the RTK light doesn’t come on. I cannot open it in reachview 3 app or using the IP address. The rover and base aren’t connecting to eachother anymore. The wifi on the rover is working normal, I cant see it as available in the reachview 3 app, but when I click on it to connect it says, “cant connect to reach” I’ve turned it off and restarted both the base and rover multiple times in different locations.

Hi @evar,

Could you share the video of the rover’s LED status? It will help me understand what happens with the unit and suggest further steps.

Did I get correctly that the base works without any issues?

The LED light to the right of the power button is not on at all. When I turn the unit on, it flashes along with the rest of the lights, so I know its not the light itself. The base unit is working fine, we overnighted another rover from our other location and it worked perfectly with the base.


Is it possible to access the Updater page? Please go to the <Reach’s IP>/updater_panel in any browser to open the Updater page. If the firmware version installed on the receiver is below 26.1, it should be possible to access the Updater page via <Reach’s IP>:5000 instead.

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