Rover not stopping

We’re facing trouble with the rover not stopping all the time when pressing the stop button, or calling “stop rover” via web socket from our own app.
On repeated calls it mostly happens at some point, but it’s unclear when…

Connection to the rover seems to be connected at all times.

Sorry this might be hard to reproduce, but we can’t find any clear conditions it is linked to…


Haven’t heard about a similar issue. What exactly is going on after the rover refuses to stop?

It just keeps on running.

For us its trouble, because we want to observe at every point 1 minute, than stop, and start again at the next point, retrieving one raw log per poitn for postprocessing.

Now the log just gets bigger and bigger, and we don’t have seperate files for all points.

For now we solve it by sending repeated stop signals, but that’s not a ood solution…

Hi! Did it resolve with v0.4.9?

yes it seems to work much better. No final verdict yet, but thansk a lot already!

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