Rover for Dji Matrice 300 RTK


I own a DJI Matrice 300 RTK with DRTK-2 as a base.

I am looking for a Rover to measure GCP like Emlid Rs2.

What do you propose?


If you have network RTK and a cellular internet signal you can do everything with one RS2. Setup as a rover when shooting GCP’s and then a base to cast to the M300.

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So using M300 DRTK as a base and RS2 as a rover correct ?

What @chascoadmin meant is to skip the DRTK-2 entirely and use the RS2 to send corrections to the drone via NTRIP. This works as long as you have cellular connexion.

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Hi Nikos,

I’m not sure if DRTK can act as a base for Reach. Never got a chance to work with it. However, Michael and Gabriel are right: you can place GCPs with one Reach RS2 if you have local NTRIP service and good cellular coverage.

Also, if you test Reach RS2 as a base for DJI M300, please share your experience! We’re pretty sure it should work fine because we’ve tested DJI P4P RTK. But then we’ll know for sure :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Svetlana
I think I will stay with Michael and Gabriel.
I am planning to use DRTK as a base with the drone and use RS2 only for measuring GPC’s with NTRIP.
I will also try to test what you proposed :slight_smile:


Just thinking out loud but if you have NTRIP and internet access couldn’t you just run the M300 off of that? The RS2 would be handy as a backup for occasions when your NTRIP and/or internet are not available or working properly. In that case you would performing PPK. This is always a tough scenario because you usually don’t know until you get there. We run an RS2 as a rover and a Yuneec H520E RTK with NTRIP and it has been really good but there has been a handful of occasions where RTK dropped for just long enough and we were glad we had the ability to PPK after the fact. After some bad experiences with the P4RTK I have been real leary of trusting RTK on a drone so I instituted the policy to run the PPK for verification as part of our workflow. The Phantom was dropping RTK on average about 5% and upwards of 10% at times and excluding a few times the Yuneec is around 3%.


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