Rotate Co ordinate system

Hello I want to know if there is a way to have a localized, rotated co-ordinate system.


I need to survey topography along a strait line, Starting point would be co-ordinate 0,0,0 (away, elevation, right) and ending point would be 1000,0,0.

Its not doable within reach but you can do whatever you like with mobile topographer.
With a cad software or qgis, this is just a few buttons away, then export to a .csv file and open in MT , ready to survey.
Would that be an option for you?

I have a conversion file that I can use to rotate the co-ordinates, but sometimes it is easier if I have to get a point or two on a secondary survey in real time

Right now, such thing is pricy in datacollector.
You could do it for free with mobile topographer and a cogo tool like q-cogo. A bit hassel but doable.
I use utm with topographer and all geometry with q-cogo.

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