ROSBridge Server with Unity 3D ROS#

Hi! Hope you are all doing well!

Anyone tried to connect their Navio to Unity 3D via ROSBridge? Essentially I want to control my quadcopter with Unity by passing xyzr values.
I am using ROS# for Unity ( and was trying to subscribe to a topic but I am not receiving anything. So I assumed I should host a ROSBridge server of the Navio but can’t seem to install it as I have unmet dependencies or the Package doesn’t have any installation candidate…

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

PS: would it be wiser to just send info from Unity to Navio via TCP handled by a ROS node?


I apologize for not researching more. I managed to solve this issue by including Jessie’s repo to the config files.

For reference:



Well done! Glad to hear it :slight_smile: