ROS Topics

Hello there,

I’ve been using ArduPilot controlled with mavros with other drones, and for basic take off and land actions I use ~cmd/takeoff and ~cmd/land topics. But with Navio2, using ROS, this topics doesn’t appeard in ‘rostopic list’. They aren’t aviable or what is it?

Hi Alejandro,

Could you please clarify which ROS distribution were you using in your previous project?

Also, according to ROS documentation, topics are intended to provide information for the subscribed nodes. I’m afraid, it’s currently unclear how you used “takeoff” and “land” topics for the same way called purposes.

Would you mind sending us some screenshots or your shell input so we can figure out how to assist with your question?

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Sorry for the delay.
You are right, they are not topics, are services.

In mavROS documentation,, on part 6.4, we have a takeoff and land commands. Are those availables in Navio2?