ROS symbol lookup error

I am following the tutorial for ROS on the Emlid docs.
After running the command:
rosrun mavros mavros_node

I get the following error:
/opt/ros/kinetic/lib/mavros/mavros_node: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ undefined symbol: _ZTIN5boost15program_options16ambiguous_optionE

I have previously followed the tutorial successfully in the past, and can’t recall changing much if anything since then.

I have searched for possible solutions but can’t find anything useful.

Ardupilot version: arducopter-3.6
Image issue: Emlid 2019-02-27
Kernel: 4.14.95-emlid-v7+

Hi Brenden,

May I ask you to share your configuration file?

You can find it here /etc/default/ardu{copter, plane, rover}.

Hi Polina,

Here is the config file.

Hi Brenden,

Have you tried reflashing the device?

May I ask you to do so and follow the guide on ROS setup to check if the same error occurs?

Hi Polina,

I was hoping to avoid that as I have installed OpenCV and associated dependencies on the device. But it looks like I might have to…

Hi Brenden,

How is it going? Was it possible to solve the issue after reflashing?

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