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Hi everyone

İ have a small question. i would like make some dfferent tasks with my drone via autonome. for example when i wite a code to raspberry pi 4 it will work for each time. for example when i write a task like ‘go to the middle of the area and come back, when lights switch on’. i realize that i can do this with ROS. but when i try to setup this. i follow the steps. but my screen couldn’t divide. i don’t know why. do you have any idea for this situation?

Thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile:

Hi Mesut,

Do you want to split your terminal like that:

Yes of course.

Hey Mesut,

This is tmux, a teminal multiplexer. You can either use it or not. It just simplifies work when you need several terminal windows simultaneously.

To run it in the terminal you can simply enter:


This will start a tmux session in your current terminal window. To split the window into several panes you can use the following hotkeys:

  • Ctrl+b then % to split horizontally
  • Ctrl+b then " to split vertically
  • Ctrl+b then o to toggle between panes
  • Ctrl+b then arrow buttons to move between panes
  • Ctrl+b then x to kill the current pane

You can find a full list of hotkeys by entering:

  • Ctrl+b then ?
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thanx for your answer. i will try and come back.

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