Roll position in wrong direction

Hi all!
Adruplane 4.2, Navio2
clean install roll goes wring way, if i roll to righ, ground station shows as if i roll to left. direction (arrow) to front is correct. Its like im inverted but ground is where its supposed to be

what setting should i change? or maybe i missing something?


Hi Alex,

Welcome to the forum!

Just to make sure I understand everything correctly: your plane goes in the correct direction, but the Mission Planner shows the reverted one?

yes that’s correct
note for now im testing telemetry only so there no controlls. i just fliping it manually

if aircraft -45 Degree to ground level, (barrel left) the mission planner shows +45 D (barrel right)

Hi Alex,

Ah, I see. It seems that the accelerometer wasn’t calibrated correctly. So the drone doesn’t show the actual orientation. Have you tried following the instructions from this guide?

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