Roll channel is too sluggish on Navio2

Hi I’m using navio2 board,
image: Linux navio 4.14.34-emlid-v7+ #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri May 25 15:53:43 MSK 2018 armv7l
arducopter: version 3.5

Roll radio channel is very sluggish and respond to stick with big delay (5-10 seconds), going slowly from neutral position to desired value.

I think this is radio decoding, because when I’m trying to calibrate radio, I can see that system responds to other sticks with no delay, and show correct rc value. It only shows incorrect value for roll. Sometimes it works normally, and sometimes not. Never know when and why…


Hi @Stepan_Dyatkovskiy,

Which receiver and transmitter do you use?
Can you please post here your hardware setup photos?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to disassemble that drone, everything is packed very tight inside plastic shell.
Currently I use Radio from Cheerson CX-20 + Pixhawk PWM to PPM encoder from aliexpress.
It may be due to this radio set though, but
It is really hard to calibrate internal compasses on Navio2. I was only able to do this on QGroundControl. Even though it seems to be fine, I still see EKF errors “EKF2 IMU0 switching to compass 0”.
At same time copter stops to react on roll control, sometimes it is unable to switch into auto modes (loiter, rtl and so on).

Hi @Stepan_Dyatkovskiy,

Is it possible for you to check whether this issue is caused by radio or by the PWM to PPM encoder? For it, you’ll need to connect servos directly to the receiver channels in order to check how they react on commands from the transmitter.

We usually recommend using an additional external compass with Navio2.

I have changed receiver and now roll channel works. I suspect sluggish roll was a pwm conversion issue. Looks like ppm encoder fails ro recogize pwms higher than 2000.

I have i2c magnetometer. Do you have instructions how to connect it?


Check ArduPilot docs, it should help.

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