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Has anybody ever bought something with I am trying to place order but it doesn’t appear in “my orders”, I have tryed for several times. I am paying with mastercard. There is also PO number field but I don’t know what it is. Anybody has any experience about this?

I had the same thing happen. We usually purchase from Event38 in Ohio.

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But event38 asks for company. I don’t have company. I live in Georgia the country and I want them to ship it to the post from where it will be sent to me in Georgia.

So file for a company name. Pretty cheap to get business benefits.

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I ordered my M2’s and I don’t recall having to enter my company name. Just leave blank. Good service from them as I have bought many accessories from them


yo compre con ellos me fue muy bien

PO is “Purchase Order Number”, It can be left blank, or you can write yourself a keyword or number to remember why you bought it. It Shows up on the header of the invoice that is it.

Its intended for companies that order a pile of stuff. Its either used for Purchase control, so you would get the number from accounting to track the purchase and have the money allotted to the right budget

Or to keep track of what project or customer it is getting billed to.

I don’t really think it matters about the “company” field. As I said earlier, I didn’t fill it out and they sold to me. I find it hard to believe they would only sell to companies. Why don’t you just call them ? I did the second time I bought some Emlid cables from them

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Hi Gorgi, just for you, we (E38) disabled the company requirement. Though you could have put any characters in and we would still accept the order.


Thank you but I am going to place order here, on emlid store. I have sign up on PayPal and I will place order soon

Or let me try it

Great thanks to you. I have placed order finally. Thank you


I just placed an order this week with E38 and came across the same condition for the company name input. I just fill it in with my name again and all was fine. I was going to fill it in with Daffy Duck Inc., but thought I might incur some wrath from “Uncle Walt”. :slight_smile: Received my M2 today to go along with RS2’s I ordered with them when they first became available. Nothing but great service from E38.
I’m going to slowly try my hand at drone mapping with the M2 and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. with PPK. I was really surprise just how small the M2 is, I had it in my mind that it would be about the size of a deck of cards.


Don’t mess with Disney! You’ll disappear… :mouse: :bomb: :boom:

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