Robotic Lifeguard

Hello everyone my name is Chris and I’m apart of senior design team currently working on creating a robotic lifeguard. The goal of the project is to create a remote control buoy of sorts that can be piloted to a drowning person faster than the response time of a lifeguard.

We are just beginning and I will give you updates as the project comes together.

We plan on implementing the following so far:
ROS kinetic
Raspberry Pi 3
Debian Jessie

The servos and motors will be chosen within the month.

Photos will also be added in mid November

We will also be documenting the build process step by step as it is developed.

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Sounds interesting! Are you planning on making the response autonomous in any way or fully remote control? If you have access to drones with RTK capability, you could use one to act as a beacon over the target to help the buoy navigate. Visual navigation at water level can be tricky in the surf, and even from the beach with depth perception issues, especially if conditions are choppy! Always handy having some eyes in the sky, the closer the better.

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