Robot Operation System + NAVIO

hi Guys,

Does anyone here know ROS ?

It would be great to enhance my rover with object avoidance capabilities etc…


Hello Hugo,
Yes, we are familiar with ROS and it’s a great thing. We are currently thinking about the better way to integrate it’s support.

hi Mikhail,
cool I am looking into it now.
Any suggestions? Or do you need help/can I help?
I have python experience…


Ehi Mikhail,
Regarding ROS and QT 5.0 I have epic news :slight_smile: can you contact me PM?

Thanks for the offer, I’ll contact you when have more detailed plans.

Epic news, you say? :smile:

I’m looking to integrate ROS, at least partially to be able to use a data feed from an XV-11 Lidar module I have. Would like to add SLAM. Any updates on this since January?

I successfully installed basic ROS (indigo) following the guidelines available on the website of ROS. Unfortunately no deb package is available at the moment and my sd image is not yet complete (I want a new kernel for instance) to be shared. I suggest you to try to install ROS perhaps with the new RPi 2 should take not so much… also, I haven’t idea if the full installation (or the desktop one) is feasible… if you don’t succeed with the installation then you have to wait until i’ll release a new sd image :wink:

Any update on Navio+ support for ROS?

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If you’d like to use it together with APM then MAVROS could be used for that purpose.

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Are you referring to the ROSberryPi? Have you tried with ROS Fuerte or Hydro?

I compiled ROS indigo (robot) for RPi2.
Is this answering your question?


Which distro of Linux are you using?. Currently I’m using a distro know like cctronics, which is a raspbian modified version which works like a real time operating sistem, it already include the ros core implemented, however the packages like mavros is not possible install to me because I have a lot of problems with the dependencies. I know that the best OS to work is 14.04 (trusty of Ubuntu) which give me excelent results to install new packages etc.

Could you tell me which OS are you using?, in advance, thank you very much…

That ia fun… I released the cctronics eheheh
It is a raspbian with ROS indigo built from sources.

Right now i’m trying to set-up an ubuntu 14.04 wich has a larger support for those packages. I don’t know if I’ll release a version for Navio, right now I’m focusing on other solutions :slight_smile: