Robot boat

Hi, Can I use the Navio2 to steer a robot boat? Looking to be able to enter navigation way points and the Navio2 would control the rudder to keep the boat on track to the next waypoint, once the waypoint is reached it will then steer to the next way point. Has anyone used it in this way?

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i don’t specifically know if there is a boat mode, but i don’t see a difference to a rc-car - ok - exccept the water; but technically you control an esc which controls a motor - for speed and a servo for steering (either the prop or a rudder); i don’t see a difference - or am i missing something?

Like panky said I don’t see a reason for it. IIRC its just a mode changed when using ArduRover. A lot of ppl are already doing this so should be pretty easy.

Boats run with ArduRover just fine, I built one myself some time ago.

You might consider Arduplane, set the rudder up as an airplane rudder and hook the motor to the throttle.
Rover assumes reversing motors (different range of servo responses) while plane assumes non-reversing (forward only) motors.
We are working on a boat, but instead of a rudder we have two motors hooked up with differential thrust.

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